Russell Yuen as Junior

Kitchen Culture Video


Kitchen Culture is a 30 min humorous sci-fi fiction video with a touch of horror and a few funny moments …


In the tradition of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits comes this sci-fi story about a tuna casserole that morphs into a green creature inside Frank’s fridge and takes over his life.


Carolyn Davine is Pauline the punker with attitude and horse manure hairstyle.


Tom Parkinson wrote and directed this 30 min story based on a Ron Mish casserole story.

Claudio Castravelli and Ray Roth produced it. We think it’s a good  short film well worth watching. The make-up special effects on the creature is a site to behold.

Starring Michael Burns as Frank and Russell Yuen as Junior, with Reg Hanson as Pinkus, the mean landlord, and Carolyn Davine as Pauline the punker with attitude and horse manure hairstyle. Small speaking parts include Robert Scott as the policeman and Maxine Messer as the woman friend. This was Russell Yuen’s first speaking role and his first major “character” part.
ACP Promotions is the exclusive world wide distributor of record as of 2016.
This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the international release of Kitchen Culture.